Through our innovation mindset and value, we are constantly generating new solutions to meet our customer needs .




To provide sustainable packaging solutions to improve people´s everyday lives.


Is to excel at improving everyday lives delivering better and more responsible solutions through chemistry and materials.


Is to strengthen our market leadership in the chemicals and materials industries by exceeding the evolving needs of our customers.


Safety and Responsibility:

We act responsibly towards the environment, our community and the safety and development of our people.



We do everything with integrity and respect.



We innovate and challenge the status quo to find new ways to create value.

Customer Orientation:

We exceed the expectations and the everchanging needs of our customers and markets.



We succeed and create value by collaborating and learning together.


Commitment to Excellence:

We deliver results that make us proud through best in class performance.


  • Strengthen our Core Business
  • Profitable Growth and Diversification
  • Sustainability of our Business


At Alpek Polyester, we are proud of our past, excited about the present and preparing for the future. Our story is one of growth and leveraging opportunities through strategic acquisitions, joint ventures, and expansions. More importantly, our story is about improving people’s lives through our products, innovations, and a commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment.

Alpek Polyester is a global leader in the production of PTA (Terephthalic Acid), PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Resins and PET Recycling (rPET), Specialty Polymers; Polyester Fibers (Staple and Filament). This integrated business services customers all over the world using its global network of manufacturing entities including:


United States – Alpek Polyester USA, LLC ( formerly DAK Americas LLC)
United States – Alpek Polyester Mississippi, Inc. (formerly DAK Americas Mississippi Inc. )
United States – Clear Path Recycling LLC (Joint Venture)
United States – OCTAL Extrusion Corp
United States – OCTAL Inc.
Canada – Compagnie Alpek Polyester Canada (formerly Compagnie Selenis Canada)  
Mexico – Alpek Polyester S.A. de C.V. (formerly Grupo Petrotemex S.A. de C.V. )
Mexico – Alpek Polyester Mexico S.A. de C.V. (formerly DAK Resinas Americas Mexico S.A. de C.V.)
Argentina – Alpek Polyester Argentina S.A. (formerly DAK Americas Argentina S.A.) ​
Argentina – Ecopek S.A.
Brazil – Alpek Polyester Brasil S.A. de C.V. (formerly Companhia Integrada Têxtil de Pernambuco (Citepe))
Brazil – Alpek Polyester Pernambuco S.A. (formerly Companhia Petroquimica de Pernambuco (PQS))
United Arab Emirates – OCTAL DMCC ​
Saudi Arabia – OCTAL Saudi Arabia Plant ​
United Kingdom – Alpek Polyester U.K. Ltd. ​

Polyester is not only in the name of our business it is the essence of our business and who we are. From our start in Mexico with the production of raw materials (monomers) for its creation, then on to the production of fibers and resins, and expanding into specialty polymers; the unique properties of polyester have enabled us to become leaders in recycling and creating circular economies. This unique material is the foundation of our journey started nearly 50 years ago and one that is growing every year. Join us on our global polyester journey!


1975 – 1997

The Beginning- Building a Strong Foundation


Alpek Polyester’s parent company, Alpek, entered the polyester raw material and petrochemical industry with an initial product offering of glycols, polyurethanes, and fibers, both nylon and polyester, with the acquisition of Polioles and Nylon de México.


Alpek expanded into the polyester fiber business acquiring Fibras Quimicas which over time evolved into Akra Polyester.


Alpek integrated into dimethyl terephthalate (DMT), a feedstock that is used to produce polyester (similar to Purified terephthalic Acid or PTA), through the acquisition of Petrocel.


Alpek’s first PTA plant, Tereftalatos Mexicanos, was acquired in Mexico.


Alpek expanded its polyester business by building a new PTA plant in Altamira, Mexico.

1998 – 2007

Growing Across Borders


DuPont Akra Polyester joint venture is created between Alpek and E.I. Dupont for the production of Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF) in Mexico and the United States.


Alpek acquires two Polyester Staple Fiber facilities and one Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin facility in the United States from DuPont to create DAK Americas Fibers, Monomers and Resins businesses.


Alpek’s DAK Americas business expands the Cooper River site in South Carolina, USA; building new PET Resins production facilities, increasing PET capacity.


Alpek’s DAK Americas business expands the Cape Fear site in North Carolina, USA; building new PET Resins production facilities, increasing PET Resin capacity. As consumer demand continued to grow, PET Resin manufacturing facilities in both Cosoleacaque, Mexico and Zarate, Argentina were acquired from Eastman Chemical.

2009 – 2014

Expanding Products / Markets and creating a Recycling / Sustainability Focus


DAK Americas establishes a Specialty Polymer Business with the acquisition of the Technology from DuPont to manufacture a select group of 2GT-based Polyester Resin Products, creating the Array® Specialty Polymers Business.


Seeing the broad need for recycling in the petrochemical industry, Alpek entered into a joint venture with Shaw Industries and built a post-consumer PET recycling (rPET) facilities in Fayetteville, NC, USA.


Alpek further expands PET production capability with the acquisition of Eastman Chemical ’s integrated PTA-PET site in Columbia, South Carolina, USA including the intellectual property rights for IntegRex® PTA Technology. That same year, Alpek acquired Wellman’s PET plant in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, USA.


DAK Americas debottlenecks its PET production units in Columbia, SC. Manufacturing operations in Fibers, Monomers and Resins are consolidated with the closure of the Cape Fear Site in Wilmington, NC, USA.


Alpek acquires food-grade recycled PET (rPET) operations in Pacheco, Buenos Aires, Argentina and creates Ecopek, S.A. (formerly CabelmaPET S.A.) to strengthen DAK’s product sustainability with product offerings that integrate Ecopek’s rPET into Laser+® brand of PET Resins.

2016 – 2019

Continuous Growth and Solidification including Expanding Recycling


Alpek acquires controlling interest in Selenis Canada Inc. PET manufacturing operations in Montreal, Canada and expands operations into Canada to produce differentiated products and enhance raw material synergies.


The integrated PTA-PET businesses of Companhia Petroquímica de Pernambuco (“Petroquímica Suape”) and Companhia Integrada Têxtil de Pernambuco (“Citepe”) in Ipojuca, Pernambuco, Brazil were acquired from Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. (“Petrobras”) to join the Alpek Polyester family of businesses. Additional Citepe operations include a texturized polyester filament production. Alpek completed the acquisition of the Corpus Christi Project from M&G USA Corp., establishing Corpus Christi Polymers LLC a tri-venture with Indorama Ventures Holding, and Far Eastern Investment (Holding) Ltd. The Project assets include the integrated PTA-PET plant under construction in Corpus Christi, TX that upon completion is expected to have a capacity of 1.1 million and 1.3 million metric tons/ yr PET and PTA, respectively.


The rPET flake recycling assets of Perpetual Recycling Solutions LLC in Richmond, IN were acquired to expand Alpek Polyester PET recycling capabilities.

2020 – PRESENT



The PET Resin production facilities in Wilton, United Kingdom, formerly operated as Lotte Chemical UK Ltd. were acquired and join the Alpek Polyester family of businesses. The new business will operate as the legal entity of “Alpek Polyester UK Ltd.”


Alpek completed the acquisition of CarbonLite Recycling LLC’s (“CarbonLITE”) state-of-the-art PET recycling and pelletization facility in Reading, PA, USA, further securing a leadership position in the recycling of PET bottles and meeting the consumer demand for recycle content.


Alpek Polyester consolidates its fiber production. The Staple production at the Cooper River Site near Charleston, SC, USA is shutdown.


Alpek completed the acquisition of OCTAL Holding SAOC (“OCTAL”). The acquisition includes the following products: PET Resin, PET Sheet and Thermoform. This acquisition forward-integrates Alpek into the high-value PET sheet business segment and enhances its ability to serve its customers’ growing PET resin needs. It includes manufacturing locations in Salalah Free Zone, Oman, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Cincinnati, United States.


Alpek Polyester optimizes its PET production assets globally. The PET Resin production at the Cooper River Site near Charleston, SC, USA is shutdown.