Mission Statement

Alpek Polyester’s legal entities will sell products of the highest quality that are produced through safe work practices and in accordance with all laws and regulations. Alpek Polyester products will provide the best value in price, accompanied with the best service. Alpek Polyester Sales seeks to establish long term relationships with customers with strong financial ratings while observing all legal and ethical practices.

Commercial Relationship

Alpek Polyester Sales’ teams are the only individuals authorized to commit Alpek Polyester and its legal entities to a sales agreement. Only a Sales Agreement executed by Sales is your assurance that the purchase made from Alpek Polyester and appropriate invoice will be issued in accordance with the agreed upon terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions of sale

Sales will sell to customers who accept the appropriate terms and conditions of sale, warranties, technology, product and product capacity. The terms and conditions of sale listed below are applicable to Alpek Polyester sales of product which reference this web page. If a mutually agreed upon agreement exist which applies to products being purchased, that Agreement shall take precedence over the Terms and Conditions of Sale listed below: